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Vinho Verde Inside Out

Underrated and off-the-beaten path

Quick Details

Interested in booking a wine tour but want to escape the crowds and most commercial routes?

This is a great opportunity to get to know one of the underrated wine regions of Portugal: Vinho Verde.

I am here to provide you with an experience that will show you the essence of a wine region, as well as its cultural and historical background.

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To set things off, I will raise the bar by visiting one of the four bio-dynamic winemakers in Portugal!
There you will have a visit at a unique winery, cellar and amphora room and taste 3 different types of Verde wines: Loureiro, Vinhão and a Pet Nat.
So… from white to red, ending with bubbles(!).

After that, we will go for lunch, to try the local delicacies and find out how well they pair with the Verde wine! Lunch isn’t included on the price so you can choose what to have.

To finish on a high note, we will visit a Verde classic property from the 18th century on the bank of the Lima river.
There, we will take a stroll around the property and learn about the harmonious relation between nature and vineyards.
Ending with a taste of 3 wines focusing on the evolution of the Loureiro grape variety in a single year.
Here, a vertical tasting is possible too (different vintages of a same wine) but inquire first!

This is a great opportunity to get to know Verde in depth and change your idea about this region forever!