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The New Vinho Verde – 2 Wineries & Lunch

Underrated and off-the-beaten path

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Ready for a fresh and crisp Wine Tour? Want to dive deeper in a Wine region away from all the crowds and most commercial routes?

This is a your opportunity to know in-depth one of the underrated wine regions of Portugal: Vinho Verde.

Perhaps you thought Vinho Verde wines were simply just fizzy and light white wines? Or maybe you thought it was… well, “green“?

We are here to provide you with an experience that will show you the essence of Vinho Verde wine, as well as the cultural and historical background of this extremely significant region!

The route will consist of two wineries and a lunch break.

The wineries. We give emphasis to small scale producers who hold the keys to the secrets and origins of the region’s wine culture.
No commercial or mass production facilities.
We only work with winemakers who can actually spend time with us while tasting, sharing their stories and their lifestyle.

Lunch. One thing is certain about the Northwest of Portugal: it’s the cradle of our gastronomy!
There will be plenty of quality restaurants wherever we go. We can suggest a couple of options and then make a choice.