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The New Douro – Strictly Sparkling

Exclusive and premium

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Take a tour into the “sparkling side” of the Douro!

#1 Select your group size. #2 Select a lunch option. #3 BOOK!

Groups of 8 persons

Take a tour on the “sparkling side” of the Douro, taste wines and have lunch at a stunning location!

We have designed this experience for the bubbly wine lovers but also for travellers looking for an authentic alternative wine tour. That’s why we call it “offbeat”.

This experience offers a very personal tour circuit in the region adjacent to the Douro Valley: Távora-Varosa (see map). It was the first region in Portugal to be recognized officially as a DOC for its sparkling wine.

Throughout the day you’ll have the opportunity to taste several wines at two selected wineries, witness historical sites, and have a lunch break according to the option you chose, when booking.

Sparkling wine is often underrated. We feel like there is a surprisingly big amount of moments (including gastronomical!) in which a bubbly wine fits like a glove!

So let’s dive deep and head-first into this effervescent region!

You will have an authentic feeling by taking part in a very different journey and your idea about portuguese wines will never be the same again!

According to your selected lunch option, together we’ll discuss your food preferences so that I can make arrangements.

This is quite a unique opportunity to taste quality wines, get involved in the life of a winemaker and become acquainted with the traditional ways of making wine!