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Douro Valley Wine Tours

Small group & private tailor-made. Taste authentic and quality Wines. Non-commercial wineries. Meet and talk to the wine makers!

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Why “New Douro” Tour?

Wine tours for the wine lovers, the first time travelers and all the curious minds!

There is a new generation of wines and wine makers in the Douro Valley, stepping aside from the conventional and classic way of making wine!

Their main focus is on producing wines with the least possible intervention, as natural as possible, to the limit. Wines that reflect time and place more than just a label or a place on a shelf of a supermarket.

Of course this is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. We all know that…! But that doesn’t mean that there cannot be creative, pioneers, ground breaking winemakers, who are changing the way we look at wine (and drink it!).

There are a lot of tours out there and it’s hard to escape the mainstream routes to the major commercial wineries in the Douro Valley…

If you are a Wine Lover like us, and you want to search for the best, most authentic Douro Valley natural wine tours, then don’t think twice: book a tour with us and let yourself be surprised!

Inside of a Winery

The “old” Douro

We can go back to the Bronze Age (1300BC – 700BC) to talk about the existence of wine trade in the Douro Valley. But that’s not the point here!

Perhaps we can relate better to the happenings of the 18th century!

On paper, the Douro Valley is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Its boundaries and first regulations date back to 1756!

Why demarcate a region for wine production? The high demand and the authenticity of Port Wine from Douro were major concerns, at a time when all the other Portuguese overseas trades suffered losses, in favor of the British and Dutch civilizations, with a more developed commercial policy and social classes.

Have you ever wondered why are the bottle labels and the lexicon around Port Wine, all English? “Tawny” Port, “Ruby” Port, “Vintage”, “Late Bottled”, “Crusted”, etc. (the list goes on…).

Well… seen as a luxury resource, Port Wine sustained the Portuguese economy in the 18th and a big part of the 19th century.
Along with some Brazilian and Asian products, it had one main destination: England and the English empire – who imposed severe trade-offs following their military efforts during the french invasions in Portugal 1809-1811.

Now it all starts to make sense…!

Overall, fortified wine was more expensive and basically made with one single objective: export. Therefore, Portuguese people have always felt sort of left aside and never really drank a lot of Port! Generally speaking, Portuguese usually drink Port as an exception, not a rule.

The “new” Douro

Until the 1980’s and the entrance of Portugal in the European Community, the majority of commercial value of wine in Portugal relied on Port Wine.

With legislation becoming more extensive, in terms of all products’ origin designation (D.O.C.), Portugal sees its map get fragmented into 12 wine regions.

Essentially, now you knew where the wine, that you were drinking, was made!

By this time, a handful of Douro producers decided to start making premium dry wines (a.k.a. regular wines or still wines), using the same grape varieties as for Port.
Among these, is the legendary 1995 “Casa Ferreirinha Barca Velha”, for example.

Other producers followed.
A lot of wine makers in Douro nowadays, choose to give dry wines a bigger emphasis, following the evolution towards a different, younger and contemporary tendency.

For example, some make dry wines exclusively with a single grape variety, like “Quinta do Cume Touriga Nacional”; others try ancient methods like wine fermentation in clay vessels, like “Protótipo” sparkling.
And some of them have been recently distinguished in publications worldwide, like “Wine & Soul”, for example.

Douro Wine Tours and Tasting
Terraces of Douro

A “new Douro” tour

“New Douro” is the name we gave to the concept of a new generation of wines and winemakers in the Douro Valley.
We consider the independent wine producer a hero!

Douro boutique wineries are focused on quality and authenticity, as well as being environmental friendly, with respect for the terroir and the identity of the wine.

As a result of many years of experience, we were constantly looking for ways to escape the most beaten paths and crowds, searching for small, boutique wineries in our “backyard” wine region. Less is more!

This is a new type of experience! A natural wine tour, in the Douro Valley.
We want to show you the wines we enjoy drinking, as well as the lifestyle of the genuine people that make it! In reality it’s like we are visiting friends!
For that, we will go off the beaten path, which will make your day even more unforgettable!

The New Douro Tour is more than a sightseeing tour, more than a winery visit and more than a few wine tastings in the Douro Valley.

P.S.- Oh!… And once a year we go grape stomping during the harvest season! So make sure to book our Harvest Tour as soon as it’s available!