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Wine Tours in Douro Valley Portugal

Taste Authentic & Natural Wines. Visit Small & Cozy Wineries. Experience the past & future of Douro Valley.

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Why “New Douro” Tour?

“New Douro” is the name we gave to the concept of a new generation of wines, winemakers and touring the Douro Valley through innovative and upcoming wineries that are worth taking you to!

Douro boutique wineries are focused on quality and authentic, as well as being environmental friendly, with respect for the terroir and the identity of the wine.

We have run a wine tour in Douro Valley from Porto, for quite a few years and we felt the necessity to search for a new type of experience.

This is a wine tour about the line between tradition and future, in the Douro Valley.
We want to show you real wine as well as the lifestyle of the genuine people that make it!

For all that, we will go off the beaten path, which will make your day even more unforgettable!

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