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Who we are

Two friends with an idea: the search for the "newness" of the Douro and how to create an authentic wine tour experience!

We are tour guides Pedro [peh-droh] & Nuno [noo-no].

Nuno is a Wine Tourism Master (he really has an official certificate saying that!) and he has traveled the world, searching for the perfect wine tour experience.

Pedro is a “wine nerd”. He’s had courses on tasting Portuguese vino and loves crazy and weird statistics about wine.

We have designed an experience that captures the authenticity of the Douro wine region, the wineries we visit and the wine tastings.

We are not about “school lessons” or shopping wine tour cliches. We are all about pulling corks out of real wine bottles, around tasty food and friendly people.

So if you talk our language (or even better if not!) come and find out what makes this a “New Douro” Tour.

Choose one of our tours to find out more about each one of them:

Douro Shared Tour: a very nice and fun way to get some inside knowledge about some really interesting wineries in Douro Valley.

Douro Private Tour: a totally personal experience where you are the star! Get exclusive access to the winemakers best kept secrets!

We also have surprises regarding the Harvest Season in the Douro Valley… stay tuned!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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