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Harvest Season 2023

The 2023 Douro grape harvest is almost there once again!

And of course we know you’re not looking forward for cutting grapes all day.
We know what you are all thinking: “Grape treading with our beautiful bare feet!!!”
We understand… It’s a magnificent experience, very special because you actually become part of the wine and vice versa.

And we are obviously very interested in taking part of it (like we usually do) providing our guests with a unique and unforgettable wine tour.

As we all know, it does not depend on our will, nor the winemaker’s. It’s all about Nature and how grape maturation will develop this Summer, but the window is usually the month of September , give or take.

Exactly because of this, we want to create a program which dates guarantee you are going to enter a “lagar”, and squeeze those grapes, New Douro style!

We are working close with several winemakers and contacting them regularly in order to know when it is going to take place exactly, so that we can also design a program, define dates and prices.

So make sure to check in regularly because we’re quite sure we will announce the dates and open bookings by the second week of August!

For now… drink well and have a grape day!