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  • Lunch included

Douro Boutique & Heritage Wineries Tour

Quick Details

Adult 18+

Experience the Douro Valley and Taste Authentic Wine!

This is a small group (8 persons max.), shared tour into the most ancient of wine regions: The Douro.
It features an overview about the winemaking process at a small scale, a tasting of unique wines and food. The unforgettable scenery is a bonus!

We have designed this experience focusing on being alternative and personal while showing the authentic and passionate soul of the Douro Valley wines.
For that, we have selected two wineries off-the-beaten-path, which are the definition of boutique.
You’ll have an overview about their unique wine making process & lifestyle, a tasting of quality centered wines & good food, all in the unforgettable scenery of the Douro valley and river!

After a coffee break, we will be welcomed at a family winery with a beautiful setting, where you’ll step into the process of wine making at a micro scale!
Here you’ll taste the future of Douro dry wines: fresh white and robust reds. Smoothly paired with almonds, their extra-virgin olive oil, bread and fruit of the season.

Whenever you’re ready, we’ll continue the drive down the road, surrounded by more vineyards and epic views, on the way to the next stop.

Expecting you next, is an estate with a breathtaking location and a peculiar style of winemaking. Here you will taste pure handcrafted wines! Generously paired with charcuteries, cheese, their extra-virgin olive oil & craft honey (they love their bees too!), cod/meat pies and dried fruits. To finish, a toast with a fine glass of Port!

This is a great opportunity for tasting, not only a classy Vintage Port but also the future of the Douro crafted dry wines. Douro Valley can’t get much better!

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