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Douro Harvest Season 2021

Quick Details

Adult 18+

Wine tour & grape stomping in the fabulous Douro Valley

It’s the Douro Harvest Season 2021!

We have designed a truly unforgettable experience, by carefully selecting a heritage winemaker where the process of the grapes is still traditional!
We are sure you will have a wonderful and authentic feeling by becoming part of this process in a true boutique and top-quality winery in the Douro Valley!

After a first coffee break, we will be welcomed at a family winery with a beautiful setting, where you’ll step into the process of wine making at a micro scale!
Here you’ll have the opportunity to change clothes and get ready for some grape stomping!

This is an estate with a breathtaking location and a peculiar style of wine-making. Here you will taste pure handcrafted wines! Generously paired with charcuteries, cheese, their extra-virgin olive oil & craft honey (they love their bees too!), cod/meat pies and dried fruits. To finish, a toast with a fine glass of Port!

This is a unique opportunity to taste some quality wines, get involved in the life of a small winemaker and become acquainted with the traditional way of making wine! Douro Valley can’t get much better!

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